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Photos - Penrhyn (Tongareva), Cook Islands on the small photos for larger versions...

pass Atolls usually have one or more passes, which are breaks in the encircling reef through which boats enter the central lagoon. This photo was taken while going through one of Penrhyn's passes.
Lagoon Penrhyn's lagoon is over 7 miles across, and its calm waters are used for black pearl farming.
motu One of the motu (small islands) around the atoll's perimeter. None of Penrhyn's islands are more than a dozen metres high.
filet o fish Bjarne fileting a trevally.
pamplemousse Barb's holding the recommended daily serving of one pamplemousse, which tastes much like a very sweet grapefruit without the bitterness.
ara This is an 'ara' fruit.  We unfortunately have no idea how they taste...
warren family Warren's family.  The baby had a very endearing smile.
tow Warren and pastor Ray lending us a tow.  The previous night they had taken us fishing for red snapper on the reef.
refuse All small islands face the problem of where to dump their garbage; deep landfills are impossible. Reducing the amount produced is perhaps the best approach.
hat weaving Marianne weaving a hat using sun-dried and bleached coconut fronds.
kids Children were found running around everywhere. Egads.
oceanside Waves are always breaking on the ocean side of the islands.

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