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Barb and Bjarne's Pacific Adventures

Memorable Quotes

    Seasickness is Nature's way of keeping us from eating all the good provisions on the first day out. Barb, after departing Mexico for Victoria.

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Latest News

2024-01-25 Mallorca has a pretty coastline; the east shore has low sheer cliffs of ochre-coloured sandstone & limestone, topped with white-painted buildings. In the water, which is about 17C, floats hundreds of reddish/maroon jellyfish. We are now moored at Isla de Cabrera, a Spanish National Park where a stunning 14th-century fort guards the entrance against marauding pirates. Fortunately, we booked ahead online.

2024-01-06 Ahoy from Sicily!!! Barb & Bjarne joined the crew of La Magona del Mare on Thursday at Marina di Ragusa on the south coast. After 21 hours of car, planes, and bus, the last 500m were the most challenging as we hauled 350 lbs (3 duffle bags, 1 suitcase, 2 sportsbags, and 2 personal carry-on items) from the bus stop to the marina. It's a small town with no taxi service at 22:30, plus we needed to stretch our feet a bit...

We've now settled onto our fine home away from home for the next 3 months, enjoyed 2 supremely delicious pasta suppers (imagine a bowlful of chopped pistacios, diced sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh ricotta cheese, and local wine!), and located the local grocery and market. Tonight it's blowing the last of the Christmas lights off the trees (gusts to 40 knots), so we are waiting until the weather settles before we head farther west. That currently looks like next Wednesday...

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