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We arrived in Hawai'i almost two years after our first visit, and landed in Honolulu on O'ahu, the most populous Hawaaian island.
Poptop Popcorn Remember Jiffy-Pop Popcorn from camping as a kid? Barb keeps a lid on the fun during night-watch on our 10-day passage from Tabuaeran.
Old Man Bj turned 41 while at sea - yet another excuse for cake. The half of the cake where all the icing has run, is mine!
Pink-nosed Dolphins Pink-nosed dolphins, looking like they had been sniffing around in a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.
Oahu Our first sight of Waikiki and Honolulu, sailing in a fine stiff breeze towards Oahu.
Milkshake Ahhhh, the benefits of land again!
Got Fries? The local wildlife was pleased at our arrival too.
Waikiki Water Surfers, bathers and daysailers enjoying the summer surf, after cleanup of 50 million gallons of raw sewage that spilled into the ocean from a broken pipe.
Waikiki Torch Waikiki is lined with torches, lit by athletic men in skirts each evening.
Hula Free Hula dancing shows had an enjoyable mix of traditional and newer styles of dancing.
Surfer BJ Many sculptures decorate the waterfront. Honolulu law requires that 1% of construction project budgets be spent on public art.
Father Damien Father Damien (BronzeBob Squarepants) campaigned for humane treatment and selflessly tended to the lepers on Molokai before succumbing to the disease himself.
Jesus Surfs Missionaries had a huge effect on Hawai'i. Some local innovations infiltrated the other direction; surfing Jesus hangs ten in the top corner of this window.
Flowers Pretty much everywhere one goes there are beautiful flowers. Plumeria (called Frangipani elsewhere) smell great and are often used in lei-making.
SPAMfest A street party we stumbled on one night was actually Waikiki's Annual SPAMfest! Cool food, t-shirts, and music from local bands kept us hopping.
Pineapple We visited the Dole Plantation, where dozens of different varieties of pineapple grow. Hawai'i no longer exports any canned pineapple; the company founded by Dole now operates in the Phillipines and other countries.

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