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Kiritimati (Christmas) Island lies one hundred miles north of the Equator. Freya spent Christmas here.
Smooth Sea Pacific Ocean, when the wind is 5 knots and there is little swell.
Sextant Sight Barb's shooting a sun sight with our plastic sextant, which we do about once/week to stay in practice. We've also a borrowed brass sextant that toured the South Pacific 30 years ago.
Sunset Six hours later the sun is setting.
Halfway Halfway to Kiritimati is worth celebrating with brownies!
Moon Art Looking for amusement one night, Barb discovered moon doodles - one of many fun things to do with a digital camera.
Lost Winch Handle Just before arriving, one of our four winch handles jumped ship. We made ten passes in the area, attempting to locate the floating handle, to no avail.
Kiritimati Kiritimati Island was occupied by the British military back in the 1950s. Brimming with originality, they named places such as London, Paris, Canada, and Poland.
Pirate Some of the crew look different after a few weeks at sea.
Chuck Chuck Corbett on Fanning Island Trader has been in Kiribati for over 20 years. An avid surfer, he prefers hanging out at Tabuaeran (Fanning) Island.
Swell on Wharf To get ashore, we tie our dinghy to this long wharf. When the swell gets up one needs to carefully time stepping onto the metal ladder.
Flowers It rains very little on Kiritimati yet some flowers manage to grow in the shade of the harbourmaster's building.
London Looking at Kiritimati's main town, London. There used to be so many birds here that flocks were often mistaken for the island itself, but the numbers now are much diminished.
Conservation Office London has a Wildlife Conservation office, partly funded by Canada. The staffs' knowledge seemed limited. We then heard the conservation officials are the worst offenders for poaching eggs.
Picnic We drove out to Kiritimati's south point: a 2-hour ride over potholey roads in the back of a pickup. Dominick strums tunes for the Corbett family during our picnic.
Dry Land Barb's walking around some ruins from 28 Oct 1956, holding Aaba.
Poland The road to Paris led through Poland, where there is still some copra-drying industry.
Golden Trevally Fishing off the boat at night, one can catch golden trevally, snappers, and bonefish.
Hermy Hermy, one of many beach squatters.
Water We fetch water ashore in jerry cans: wellwater for washing and precious rainwater for drinking. Notice the looong pier. The loan of Chuck's bike made the return trip easier until it was 'borrowed', flat tire and all.
Porcupine Snorkelling the reef closer to shore, we spotted a few interesting fish including this Porcupine fish.
Flounder Flounders are left-eyed; soles are right-eyed. It's neat to watch the common flounders change colour as they move from the sand over to coral.
Yellow Fish We also went for a couple of SCUBA dives. Amazingly, we saw fish!
Napoleon Wrasse This Napoleonfish (aka humphead wrasse) was 5 feet long and they can grow to 7.5 feet. The males have a prominent bump on their foreheads.
Coral Hind The Coral Hind is very photogenic.
Banded Coral Shrimp Banded Coral Shrimp are cleaners and will remove bits of dead skin and adhering algae from their 'customers'.
Goldentail Eel A Goldentail eel.
Octopus Though we prefer not to touch the sealife, this diver is grabbing an octopus which is filling the water with ink. The angry brown octopus later calmed down and turned creamy white.

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