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Banaban Sailing Canoe Passing Rabi Island we saw several of these sailing canoes, built by the Banabans. These folk were resettled after Ocean Island became uninhabitable due to phosphate mining.
Also Island On Also Island live two ex-cruisers who run a boat-building business and dabble in other interesting projects, such as a coconut oil extraction press.
Lady K Lady K once a week runs fish caught by Cawaro villagers into Labasa's market (6 hours each way). Barb suggests calling her Lady C, as she carries numerous cockroaches along with the usual cargo.
Scrawny White Guy We hung around a lot with the kids in Cawaro. The black T-shirt says 'I Dig Scrawny Pale Guys'
Willy Not all visitors were scrawny nor pale. Willy, son of the chief on Budd Reef, was visiting and hams it up at the local swim hole. He's looking for a wife - we'll pass on his address to anyone interested...
Father's Day We attended the Father's Day feast at Cawaro, where the men were fed first (as on most other days). Once a year, on Mother's Day, the men cook and the women eat first. Yippee!
Fixing Radio I spread tools over our dining table and fixed a VHF radio for Jim on Also Island. Remember Spock (Star Trek) complaining about having to construct a computer using stone knives and bearskins?
Off to Church After work we trundled off to Cawaro's church. The singing, as in many Polynesian places, was awesome.
Card Shark Barb learns a card game called troop (or perhaps trump).
Pineapple Another photo in our educational series Where does that food come from? Fiji Pineapples are in season around December, but are available in the markets now.
Kindergarten Barb & I spent a morning at Kindergarten, relearning our songs and alphabet.
Cawaro Sunset Hiking back from downhill from the swim hole, we caught another good sunset.
Meke After the sun goes down, we go to a Meke (dance) and party at Qarnivai village close to Also Island.
Coconut Hat Tokasa teaches Pauline, Barb and I some neat things to make with coconut fronds. There are many styles of baskets; some are used only by men, others only by women.
Gang of Kids in ONS Barb scared the folks on Cookie Cutter, who had just arrived at Kia Island, by delivering a dinghy-load of excited kids to say hello. Canadian Coast Guard, please don't look.
Hiking Kia The north tip of Kia Island looked like it had a nice viewpoint at the top. We used a lot of water, but enjoyed the climb.
Hermit Crab We found Hermy and many brothers and sisters on Kia's beaches.
Daku Spending a tranquil evening of singing and story telling...The two women in the background are copying out recipes from a couple of our cookbooks.
Nukubati Resort Nukubati Resort was very welcoming. Peter (Cookie Cutter) plays with a Yamaha guitar in the lovely lounge. Note the decorations on the beams and posts, made with dyed twine.
Banana Split Some may remember our catamaran called Banana Split - Nukubati has one too!
Plantain This is the largest plantain we've seen - usually they are just a tad larger than regular bananas. Sliced Plantain on Pizza - yummm!

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