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Lost Bananas Two stray bananas almost sank the boat...Getting here we encountered a storm that blew bananas clean off the stalk, and into our cockpit drains.
Nakama Creek After the fuss getting to Fiji, Savusavu Harbour was very relaxing and beautiful.
Nakama Creek Looking seaward from Nakama Creek anchorage in Savusavu.
Candy Floss Do you call it Cotton Candy, Spun Sugar, or Candy Floss? Barb (on left), Jim, and Barb (on right) at the Circus.
Ladder Climb Climb the Ladder and Ring the Bell - Win $100! Many tried, including Bjarne, who is about to fall flat on his butt.
Clowns The Samoan Circus was pleased to present a guest clown for everyone's amusement.
Sunset Though harvested sugar-cane fields are often burnt to remove the stubble, this was actually sunset in Savusavu.
Fawn Harbour We headed off to Fawn Harbour and hiked along a creek to a hot spring, with 11-year-old John as tour guide.
Bananas Flambe One yummy banana dessert, coming up!
Giant Clams Giant Clams are a Fijian snorkeling attraction.
Koro The Koro Is. hills in the background have been subdivided into about 450 lots, but so far only a few scattered houses have been built.
Makogai Makogai Is. had a large leper colony that closed in 1969. Many buildings, paths, a cinema and a cemetary remain.
Turtle One of the two villages at Makogai runs a small-scale turtle and clam farm. This baby is less than two months old.
School 24 students attend the school at Makogai. Two teachers cover grades 1 to 8, with an annual budget of $3000 for everything from books to groundskeeping.
Makogai Looking south over one of the two Makogai villages.
Boxfish Possibly a Black-spotted Puffer, we see them often. They move by rapidly beating their pectoral fins.
Regal Angelfish The Regal Angelfish.
Remora This fish (we believe it's a remora) followed us during a dive and tried to attach itself to our tanks and fins.
Levuka Harbour The hillsides at Levuka had many small homes scattered amongst the trees, with cement paths (no roads) leading down to the main town.
Levuka Reservoir Vincent and Persi showed us Levuka's water supply reservoir. Right after the photo they hopped in for a refreshing swim.
Remora Whale's Tale restaurant in Levuka had great food! Check out the dessert options...
Cession Spot On 10 Oct 1874, sovereignty over Fiji was ceded to Queen Victoria at this spot. Fiji became independent again exactly 96 years later.
Cape Horn Yes, this is Cape Horn we are rounding on our way from Levuka to Nananu-i-ra. The weather was surprisingly warm and calm!
SS Minnow Barb found the SS Minnow washed up on Nananu-i-ra. No sign of Gilligan, nor Mary-Ann.

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