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Luangahu Before leaving the Ha'apais we spent two days at uninhabited Luangahu Is.
Pig at Luangahu ...well, Luangahu wasn't entirely uninhabited.
Waiting for Tide Luangahu came complete with a do-it-yourself rescue boat, in case of shipwreck. The hulls of these outriggers are usually carved from mango trees, and take about one month to make.
Kids Visiting It wasn't long after our arrival at Matamaka, Vava'u before we were visited by 6 kids. They chatted shyly in English and asked for pens, paper and candies.
Ferry Interisland boats are usually full (we saw one carrying a cow) and have as much freeboard as our dinghy.
Jodie Jodie on Bee's Knees had had a tiring day after becoming 'lost' while chasing goats.
Swallow's Cave Swallow's Cave is reached by dinghy, and at the back there is a tall chamber where dignitaries were once entertained.
Blue Hole Swallow's Cave entrance is very deep; this photo shows (not very clearly) a huge school of small fish circling in the 'blue hole'.
Canada Day Freya was all dressed up for Canada Day, which we spent anchored out at Hunga Is. Thanks Mom for the many flags!
Icarus Challenge After Canada Day we headed into Neiafu town to celebrate the King's Birthday at the Mermaid Bar. The festivities included the Icarus Challenge; trying to see how far off the end of the wharf one could fly.
Clown Fish We found Nemo.
Starfish Barb gets eye-to-eye with a clownfish.
Wharf at Vaka'eitu Local materials make up the wharf at Vaka'eitu. All you civil engineers - have fun calculating maximum load for the sticks.
Sunset behind Fonua Anchored at Sisia Is., waiting for whales to swim by, we saw a nice sunset behind Fonua.
Starfish These Starfish look mighty relaxed - island time.
Lionfish A Lionfish corners prey using outspread fins and then sucks it in by rapidly opening its mouth.
Stingray It took us a while to catch up to this fast stingray.
Starfish Here's another type of starfish - we've been calling them Pentagons.

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