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Beach at Kelefesia The pass to Kelefesia I. was guarded by a corridor of blind rollers, but the scary entrance was worth it. We spent two rolly nights at this anchorage.
Beach Bum It took a lot of hot air, but the beachball kept us amused.
Sunset Manu Kai and Freya came ashore at sunset to share dinner with the three Tongans temporarily living on the island.
Drying Octopii These men catch and dry octopii, which they later sell in the market at Nuku'alofa.
Oua Schoolkids O'ua Island schoolkids abandoned their classroom to come chat with us palangi. Canada funded construction of this school! Way to go!
Drying Octopii on School Eagerly scampering up a 2x4, these kids showed us the octopii drying on their school roof.
Weaving a Fan Bjarne's hard at work, practising his alternate employment skills (making a fan).

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