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Rocking Barb Barb perched beside the pool in Twin Lagoon Bay on Motuarohia Island. Should be good snorkeling here, once the water warms up!
Motuarohia Up a forested trail to the top of Motuarohia. It seemed like a good location for a barbershop, so Barb trimmed my hair here.
yellow flower Yellow Flowers...
duckling ...and fuzzy ducklings signal Spring.
Urupukapuka bj Urupukapuka Island is a Maritime Park and talks a good half-day to walk around.
Urupukapuka bp Barb lounges under this neat tree.
beach Bj ponders something or other on a beach on Moturua Island.
Barb in engine Our hard-working engine is having its valve-clearance adjusted by the equally hard-working Barb.
Pits of Repair Deep in the pits of repair, Bj rewires our engine control panel to fix the annoyingly intermittent tachometer.
Up mast Barb has a bird's perspective while checking over our mast head, 40 feet above the deck.
Gannet Looks like a rebellious teenager bird, possibly a Shag.
Urupukapuka cliff Back on Urupukapuka, looking north to Cape Brett and the open ocean.
Snow OK so it's not snow, but it's as close as we could get!
Army Bay Army Bay on Moturua Island is very popular and we made sure we got a choice anchoring spot before the daily tour boats came through.
Sheep What would New Zealand be without sheep?  40-million inhabitants poorer...

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