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dinner Our first night at Suwarrow was celebrated by a potluck BBQ with fresh coconut crab, poisson cru, and blackfin tuna. Yum!
dinghy ride Here's Robert (from Evelyn Roberts), Barb and I heading back from checking out the underwater sea life.
fish We couldn't identify this fish...
eel A tired moray eel.
clam The Tridacna clams' brilliant colours come from symbiotic algae growing in their mantles.  We've seen green, blue, purple and orange ones.
barb snorkeling This unique and colourful fish was spotted floating over the reef several hours each day.
regal angelfish A shy Regal Angelfish
shark There were many sharks both inside and outside the lagoon, but they rarely approached closer than 15 m. Here's a Blacktip.
parrotfish The Parrotfish's powerful beak crunches coral fragments and the algae within is digested.
yacht club Relaxing at the 'yacht club' facilities, with Wolfgang and Graham.
star puffer This Star Puffer was very curious, and circled us several times.
sunset Sunset in paradise.

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