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Photos - Passage to Marquesas

The following photos are arranged chronologically, oldest at the top...

bird One of many birds we see far from land. I'm sure ships are a novelty, so they often come over to investigate.
squall Squall approaching from the left of the photo.  Can we dodge it?
38 knots One of the many days we spent sailing in 30+ knots, with double-reefed main and working jib.  
sail change Time for another sail change - Barb lost the toss!
teeth Barb decides to try her new dentures out.  Not too clear, but one of the front teeth is pierced and has a loop in it :-)
sunrise Typical beautiful sunrise.  Only two or three times were there no clouds on the horizon obscuring the actual rise...
GPS at zero Here we are a few meters across the Equator. The GPS seemed to deal fine with the rollover - but we took a star fix later just to check.
Equator cake Cake is always appreciated.  This time our excuse is the official entry into the South Pacific.
sewing french flag Bjarne sewing up a French courtesy flag for our arrival in French Polynesia
coconut The education continues: coconuts come in an outer wrapper, which a saw is handy for removing.  Then one just needs to crack the shell...
land ho Our first sighting of land!  We spotted Hatatu silhouetted as the sun set.
nuku hiva Nuku Hiva at dawn.  The verdant growth was a clue as to the rainy climate.
taiohae bay Here's Taiohae Bay, seen from shore. This is the administrative centre of the island.

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