June 23, 2004 - They're off!
This morning Barb and Bjarne cast off from the dock and pointed their bow towards Hawaii. They have enough food on board to last for a couple months, but hopefully they won't be out quite that long. Here's hoping they have calm seas and 15 knots of wind aft of the beam.

July 16, 2004...24 days at sea...400 Miles to Go!!
We (friends in Victoria) received a phone message from Mike, Chief Mate of the container ship RJ Pfeiffer, who reported seeing Barb and Bjarne on Wednesday July 14 approximately 400 miles from Hawaii. He reports that all is well aboard Freya and that we can expect B & B to arrive in Hawaii within a couple days!! Yeah!!  For those of you who want to know exactly where they were spotted, their position was 24° 57 N and 149° 19 W.  <thanks Cheryl and Robin for being our landlubber contacts! b&b>