Freya S/V Freya

Freya - what's in a name?

Freya.  Yup, after a lot of soul-searching and cider-drinking, we decided to name our boat after the chief Norse goddess Freya.  There's variations in spelling, like Freja, but they all refer to the Vikings' goddess of Beauty and Love.  Some references have her as overseer of the Valkyries, in which role she conveys one-half of those slain in battle to Valhalla.  One of Freya's totem animals is the fish, so happily there's also a nautical link.  The last bit of information that clinched our decision was that the day of the week, Friday, is named after Freya.  How does this help?  Well, there's an old sailors' superstition that it is bad luck to leave port on a Friday.  We figure that with Freya looking after us, we should be able to avoid this little problem...

We had a great naming party back on May 15th 2004, complete with rum and a call to Neptune to recognize our vessel Freya, that he might grant safe passsage to her and those who travel upon her.

Freya in New Zealand, Bay of IslandsFreya in New Zealand, Bay of Islands Freya in New Zealand, Bay of IslandsBelow the waterline