Sailing Spree Contest - COMPLETED

We're homeward bound! The shortest distance between Hanalei, Hawaii and Victoria, BC, is about 2350 nautical miles. However this path takes us through the middle of the North Pacific High pressure area, where the winds are light and fickle. Sailboats usually take a curving northerly course to keep the winds favourable, and this route is about 2600 miles long.

If you'd like to guess how many miles we actually cover, then Email us with your guess before we get home. Your answer should be in nautical miles (we'll try to convert other units you might use, but can't be held responsible for arithmetical errors :-) We'll send a fabulous souvenir to the person with the closest guess to our actual distance. One guess per person - if you send in multiple guesses, we'll take your latest one. Don't forget your address, so we can mail your prize should you win. Good luck!

Hint: Bjarne's guess is 2650 miles. Remember too that we are strongly motivated to get home soon.

Void where prohibited, prohibited where void, no boxtops or stamped envelopes required. Contestants need not attend a time-share presentation to win. All submissions become the property of Neptune. Not responsible for late entries or missing parents.